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Product Description

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 is the perfect solution for business. Create documents, emails and spreadsheets with your voice. Not only will your words appear in your programs, but you will also be able to control the program such as saying PRINT and the program will print the document for you. You have the ability to control your applications by voice. Dragon Premium will allow you to dictate into any program on your computer and you will also be able to transcribe recordings from a digital dictaphone.

Why use Voice Recognition?

You can talk up to 3 times faster than a trained typist can type. A trained typist types at 80 words per minute, you can talk at 220 words per minute. Dragon will type what you say at 220 words per minute, making it 3 times faster than a trained typist!

dragon naturallyspeaking premium 13
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  • Includes noise cancelling headset microphone
  • Browse the web with your voice
  • Create Documents, Emails and Spreadsheets by voice
  • Have your text read back to you in your own voice
  • Convert any documents into speech with text to speech feature - have Dragon read your emails to you
  • Control your computer by voice, open and close programs, etc
  • Transcribe recordings from a digital dictaphone
  • Out of the box accuracy - after installation start dictating

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