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Whether you are starting out or a established business, social media gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand to the world in a exciting new way..

Harness the power in social media to boost your brand popularity and loyalty..

Social media can give you the edge for any new product launches, winning clients from competitors and building brand awareness..

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We Ensure:

  • Brand Reputation Management.
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Feedback
  • Customer Service and Support
  • News Distribution
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Promotion and Launch
  • Our Services Include:

    Posting - we do 4 - 6 posts per week, scheduling them to go out at the most effective times and days. Our posts are created to be engaging and custom created images are used.

    Creating your event schedule and ensure that the events are well advertised and shared to local groups.

    Increase your followers - develop brand awareness.

    Increase traffic to your website

    We will update your gallery with past events and pictures relevant to the business.

    Join Us and Grow

    Let us evaluate your current web prescence and advise you on your current status and possible solutions.

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    Let us Test your Online Prescence

    We will run a set of tests and then email you the result. These tests will determine how effective your current online prescense is.

    We will check for Google rankings, Web Page effectiveness and Facebook effectiveness.

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